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new sphere

In this day and age, we find ourselves in a large sphere of information.

Information is everywhere, anytime. These days, we still use our smartphones to dive into this world of bits and bytes. But with changing technology, this handheld entry will change to a head-mounted, immersive attendance.

‘New Sphere’ was developed as a motion short, which covers this future kind of attendance to a digital world, in which we remain in an affecting technology, surrounding us everywhere we go. Therefore a rupturing of different aesthetical conventions – from a technical motion design standpoint but also a visual approach – was chosen to give the whole setting an infantile and destructive feeling. Strong references to a glitch-art-aesthetic furthermore underline the technical tropos in this new world. The whole short – referring to ‚project. white room at the end as a metaphorical empty room – can be seen as a dystopian view on a possible future, trying to question us, how we do and will perceive the media-reality.

Have you ever questioned yourself, what our media reality looks like?

The whole short was developed within 4 months. From concept to final product the main focus was to make a questioning piece about our world – now and in the future.

Furthermore, a personal drive arose from learning new workflows within various animation and design software. Therefore the whole project was created digitally in AfterEffects and Blender, but also uses partly analog elements and layers. Due to the pandemic, the possibility to use a dedicated system for this kind of heavily loaded motion design was refused, therefore the whole project was rendered on a normal MacBook over several days.