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the virtual animal

Virtual reality is not just for us humans.

Prompted by an internet article about cows, which now wear VR goggles, I decided to create a part-prototype for a handheld augmented-reality user-journey.

Hook to the digital experience are speculative movie-posters, isometrically stylised. Both posters were equipped with handheld augmented reality capability, made possible by image recognition. The static print products thus come to life and serve as a low-fidelity showcase of a technology that is increasingly entering our lives.

Enhanced with AR.

To enable the augmented reality idea, I created a simple, fullscreen IOS-application. By using Vuforia, the running device recognizes the analog poster and overlays the print with a  spatial-animated twin.

Further wireframes and flowcharts also outlined the possiblity of enhancing the digital plattform by providing it with educational information on animal husbandry and further movie content (e.g. BTS).