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prototyping journey

Developing state of the art user-experiences, paired with crossmedialy connected user-journeys, is kind of a key goal in ux work. I want to engage the user in the well know but also give new horizonts and test the unknown. Connecting the different spheres of digital now and tomorrow, e.g. Extended Reality, IoT or Artificial Intelligence is one of our chances to make a leap into the future world. Therefore, creating visuals and motion elements on the todays status quo – the omni-present digital screen – is the one step, we have to take when thinking about the future.

This page is not a finished project. It reflects a collection of assets, visuals, wireframes and other ideas, I’m creating to outline my thoughts and approaches visually. This pages contains different states of protoypes, designs and other elements on contemporay or future UX/UI cases and gives a look in private or work realted screen-design-projects, wich are not put away under NDAs. You could see this more as a blog, than a real project. So enjoy.


Food-Waist is one of the biggest problems for a sustainable planet. So what if our future home is capable of tracking everything we got at home (IoT) and sources this date to an application, which is powerd by AI and gives us daily recipe-ideas?

Outlinig this idea, I created recipAI – an visual app concept, wich allows to track the food at home, gives ideas for possible recipes but also is capable of scaning made food purchases, powerd by LiDar and object-recognition.

Besides designing a flipcard-system to enhance gamification – and ergo maschine learning – ,

creating an information-dense UI was one of the biggest  experiments within the visual concept. The prototype also emphasizes the use of screen-filling flipout from the bottom to give a layered interaction system for the user.